Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Week 14EC - Tech Tips

My Library Tech Tip -

The databases at OU are sorted perfectly. Things are really easy to find because of it and it can make your life so much more easier if we use it in the lead up to a major assignment to ease some of the research time constraints on us.


Week 15EC - Learning Challenge

Four Questions to Help You Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination was and is a big issue for me in college. I'm a crammer because I do better under pressure. Not only that but I'd never get anything done if I planned ahead of time. What I learned from the article is to get my priorities straight. If I had done that for a certain class earlier this semester I wouldn't have written 40 pages in 12 hours.

cramming and procrastination

Week 15EC - Tech Tip

Typing Test Tech Tip

Well I'm faster than the average person on the site and more accurate. I haven't taken one of these in over a decade when I was an 8th grader in middle school.

Week 15EC - Biography

Biography - My Pupper Asher

Note: Instead of talking about my first pet (RIP Coco). I will talk about my current pet. Asher.

One of the most energetic and fragile pups in the world.
He can run and play for days but if he eats grass he can get sick.
I didn't raise him like we raised his sister due to him having a previous owner that wasn't the breeder before me.
He's a very sassy boy that loves kisses from everyone.
He loves to roll in the mud when it's wet and likes to taunt the person that is going to give him a bath.
In the bathtub he likes to make things difficult for you because he lays down and sleeps when you're trying to clean him.
When he wakes up all dry he'll throw himself on the floor and roll around to get a little dirty again.
He's tough work but I'll love him unconditionally as long as we're together.


Week 15EC - Microfiction

Note: Real life stories that happened while I was feeding the family live stock.

Story One - The Cannibalistic Chicken (Two Sentence)
I just saw a chicken break and eat an egg that it was nesting on.
It was pretty violent because she still attacked me when I went to pick up the shell.

Story Two - The Goat That Could (Twitterature)
There's a brick wall and there is green on the side. The goat parkour's to the other side to eat the green.

goat parkour

Week 15 Story - Exit The Inferno

exit the inferno

author's note: i start off in the final circle of hell in this story and see where that leads. since this is my last story of the semester this is going to be really free form and loose.

dante's inferno translated by tony kline

what am i even doing down here. why am i here?
who did you betray said a voice in the distance.
betray? no one.
only betrayers live here. we all betrayed someone.
i didn't betray anyone!

the earth shakes as hell knows that is a lie

i didn't!
if that were the case the earth would not be as mad as she is.
does going out to dinner with a life long friend count as betrayal?

the earth screeches

in what sense? asked the voices.
i took a life long friend out to dinner while she was in town. got hit by a cab outside the restaurant.
are you married? asked the voices.
then that is the betrayal.
i would never. there is some mistake.

mother earth begins to realize that it could be a mistake so she presses those in the ninth circle of hell to make him speak more.

who is she? asked the voices.
a friend from childhood that i haven't seen in a decades.
why was she here? they asked.
to have dinner with an old friend.
what is she to you? they pressed.
a friend and what should have been a business partner.

mother earth opens up as she sees the mistake she made and sends him back to the land of the living.

he awakens in a hospital to his wife and friend making small talk.

what'd i miss? he asked.
we just hammered out a deal where we can be business partners the friend replied.
your friend is persistent. i can see why you two were the best of friends for so long.
well she's a thorn in my side and now she gets to tell me i can't do x, y, or z because i could mess everything up again he said.
did you two date? asked the wife.
no. she ran the lemonade stand i bankrupted us for three summers in a row when we were growing up. he answered.

waking up from a highway out of hell

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Week 15B Reading

the final reading notes shall be from dante's inferno by tony kline

1. the minotaur and the centaurs
we drew near the swift creatures. chiron took an arrow and pushed back his beard from his face with the notched flight. when he had uncovered his huge mouth, he said to his companions: 'have you noticed that the one behind moves whatever he touches? the feet of dead men do not usually do so.'

2. the harpies and capaneus
then my guide spoke, with a force i had not heard before: 'o capaneus, you are punished more in that your pride is not quenched: no torment would produce pain fitting for your fury, except your own raving.'

3. the old man of crete and geryon
and he to me: 'you know the place is circular, and though you have come far, always to the left, descending to the depths, you have not yet turned through a complete round, so that if anything new appears to us, it should not bring an expression of wonder to your face.'

4. descending on geryon's back
as the falcon that has been long on the wing descends wearily, without seeing bird or lure, making the falconer cry: 'ah, you stoop!' and settles far from his master disdainful and sullen, so geryon set us down, at the base, close to the foot of the fractured rock and, relieved of our weight, shot off like an arrow from the bow.

5. jason and the demons
the demons rushed from below the bridge and turned their weapons against him with the storm and fury with which a dog rushes at a poor beggar who suddenly seeks alms when he stops. but virgil cried: 'none of you commit an outrage. before you touch me with your forks, one of you come over here, to listen and then discuss whether you will grapple me.'

6. caiaphas
i stood still and saw two spirits who were eager in mind to join me, but their burden and the narrow path delayed them. when they arrived, they eyed me askance for a long time, without speaking a word; then they turned to one another and said: 'this one seems alive by the movement of his throat, and if they are dead, by what grace are they moving free of the heavy cloaks?'

7. ulysses and diomede
i said: 'master, i beg you greatly and beg again so that my prayers may be a thousand, if those inside the fires can speak, do not refuse my waiting until the horned flame comes here: you see how i lean towards it with desire.'

8. the giants
no huge earthquake ever shook a tower, as violently as ephialtes promptly shook himself. then i feared death more than ever, and the fear alone would have been enough to cause it had i not seen his chains. we then went further on and reached antaeus, who projected twenty feet from the pit, not including his head.

9. ugolino
'after a short chase, the father and his sons seemed weary to me, and i thought i saw their flanks torn by sharp teeth. when i woke before dawn, i heard my sons, who were with me, crying in their sleep and asking for food. you are truly cruel if you do not sorrow already at the thought of what my heart presaged: and if you do not weep, what do you weep at?

10. satan
the master said: 'that soul up there that suffers the greatest punishment, he who has his head inside and flails his legs outside, is judas iscariot. of the other two who have their heads hanging downwards, the one who hangs from the face that is black is brutus: see how he writhes and does not utter a word; and the other is cassius, who seems so long in limb. but night is ascending, and now we must go, since we have seen it all.'

nine circle's of hell