Friday, February 21, 2020

Week 6 Story: The Life and Death of Buddha


Author's Note: For this story we'll be taking original elements from Part One of The Life of Buddha by Andre Ferdinand Herold. Instead of starting from birth to becoming the Buddha, we will start in the middle of Siddhartha's story as he becomes the Buddha and finish with his death/rebirth with more of a humble origin story rather than being a Prince. 


A depressed Siddhartha looks out upon the world.
He’s shut himself and has isolated himself.
His father does not like the state of mind in which his son is in.
The father decides to throw a party.
Everyone is laughing and happy.
Everyone except Siddhartha.
He doesn’t want any of this.
He thinks there is more purpose to his life than being a farmer boy.
After the party Siddhartha decides.
He decides he’s going to leave home and never look back on his past.
On his journey to find himself he runs into an old man.
The old man handed him an old robe and other clothes to guard his skin from the natural elements.
Siddhartha journey continues up a mountain.
Siddhartha reaches the top of the mountain.
In his new robe Siddhartha feels like he is king of all.
Siddhartha ultimately changes his mind and chooses to return home to his mother and father.
On his way back he encounters invaders from distant lands.
The name of this foe is Mara.
Mara’s army has never lost.
They have a reputation of being butchers to populations that do not surrender.
Siddhartha approaches Mara.
Mara orders Siddhartha to remove himself from the path.
Siddhartha refuses to do so.
Mara orders the army to open fire on Siddhartha.
Before Mara’s army could get of an arrow.
Mother Earth emerged and swallowed Mara’s army whole into the ground.
Mara surrenders to Siddhartha, the new Buddha.
Siddhartha journeys home.
He finds his mother and father.
Tells them of his adventure.
He tells them that he believes his journey in this life is complete.
It was at this moment that his parents finally feared death.
They knew their son was about to part from their world.
They thought it would be a bloody exit.
But Buddha simply disappears into the sunset.

Officially reincarnated into a god.

Siddhartha Gautama

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Week 6B Reading

Week 6B Reading will be from Part One of The Life of Buddha by Andre Ferdinand Herold

Siddhartha Leaves -
Siddhartha leaves his family and has zero regrets!?!?!

Siddhartha the Hermit -
He is presented with robes and he's ecstatic about it. He felt like he was the king of the mountain because of it.

Gopa and Suddhodana Grieve -
Chandaka says he will not return until he's conquered old age and death. And his father loses it when he leaves the city.

Arata Kalama
The most interesting part about this section is when it talks about or rather lack of is the lack of fear of death even though it talks about death three times in a short span of time.

Siddhartha and King Vimbasara -
Rudraka's disciples join Siddhartha at the end of the section.

Siddhartha Deserted by His First Disciples -
They weren't loyal to him so they left him to join or go to Benares. Moral of the story is not to trust anyone that joined you recently.

The Tree of Knowledge -
There is great depiction in the section. Particularly the description leading to the tree of life:

The road was sprinkled with gold-dust; rare palms, covered with precious stones, lined the way. He skirted the edge of a pool whose blessed waters exhaled an intoxicating perfume. White, yellow, blue and red lotuses spread their massive petals over the surface, and the air rang with the clear songs of the swans. Near the pool, under the palms, Apsarases were dancing, while in the sky the Gods were admiring the hero.

Mara's Defeat -
Mara had an army that commanded respect and fear of their opponents. This did not matter as the mother of the Earth came and won the day. Mara broke down because they had lost.

Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha -
There is a new Buddha!

He has come, he who brings light into the world; he has come, he who protects the world! Long blinded, the eye of the world has opened, and the eye of the world is dazzled by the light. O conqueror, you will give all beings that which they hunger after. Guided by the sublime light of the law, all creatures will reach the shores of deliverance. You hold the lamp; go now and dispel the darkness!

Baby Buddha

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Week 6A Reading

Week 6A Reading will be from Part One of The Life of Buddha by Andre Ferdinand Herold

Maya's Dream -
There is a lot dialogue between Maya and Suddhodana in this first of the story. I liked the part where she basically became a god and let the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, and the dying actually die.

Birth of Siddhartha -
This part covers the birth of the son of Maya and Suddhodana. Suddhodana as any parent would, is full of joy and happiness. He led a caravan of people to his sons birthplace.

Asita's Prediction -
Asita is a hermit and he broke down into tears when he saw baby Buddha.

Siddhartha at the Temple -
Maya's sister basically becomes a babysitter for the young Buddha. She mentored him a lot in this section.

Siddhartha's First Mediation -
In this part of the story Buddha begins to age. He begins to learn how to write and other necessary traits he needs to become a king.

First Encounter -
The Prince stumbles upon someone and appears that he is cursed as all the joy and happiness he had leaves his soul and becomes depressed speaking about nothing else other than old age.

Two More Encounters -
The King notices his son is now depressed but the child has already shut himself off from the rest of the world. Now the King does not want his son to ever leave the palace as he worries something awful will happen to him.

The Fair Maidens and Gopa's Dream -
The King heard that his son wasn't the only one acting weirdly so he went to investigate. Something weird happened as Gopa was stripped naked with her hair cut.

The Great Truths -
The Prince is still in a depressed state at the end of the first part of the story. While everyone was having fun and laughing he didn't care and he went to palace stables. We'll find out what happens next tomorrow!

Queen Maya - Mother of Buddha

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Childhood BFF, Biography - EC


When I first moved to El Paso from Oklahoma she was the first person in head start to befriend me. We became the best of friends. Did everything together. From sitting together in class, to playing together on the playground, and watching our parents watch sports while we played Uno.

Usually if you hit someone with a draw four card in Uno they will hate your guts. But for us it was a laugh. 

The friendship developed into a relationship soon after that.

While we are no longer dating we are still best friends that can go to each other at anytime. Some friendships only last a few years but ours has lasted decades and will likely last a lifetime because of our strong bond that we established as kids. 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Week 5B Reading

Egyptian Myth and Legend by Donald Mackenzie


The Two Brothers: Part One
First of part of four parts. Most interesting part of this portion is when Anpu burst in ready to kill his younger brother, Bata, with a dagger. There is intensity between the two characters in this part of the story that allows me to picture the build up to this moment as Bata doing wrong to Anpu to get him so angry that was not told in the 800 words of this story.

The Two Brothers: Part Two
Bata sensed Anpu's desire to kill him immediately and basically taunted him at the door telling him that he knew what he was doing. Ra came to Bata and gave him a wife. One that Bata said he'd die for. As a result his heart became hers and revealed his secrets.

The Two Brothers: Part Three
The King of Egypt takes (?) the wife of Bata while he's away on a hunt. 

The Two Brothers: Part Four
Bata ultimately becomes King. He makes his brother, Anpu, his heir. He ruled for 30 years until he died and his older brother took the mantle of King. 

The Book of Thoth: Part One
A feast honoring Nefer-ka-ptah and Ahura was made by the priests of Isis.

The Book of Thoth: Part Two
We finally find the Book of Thoth hidden inside multiple boxed.
He opened the iron box and found a bronze box,
He opened the bronze box and found a keté-wood box,
He opened the keté-wood box and found an ivory-and-ebony box,
He opened the ivory-and-ebony box and found a silver box,
He opened the silver box and found a gold box,
He opened the gold box and found the Book of Thoth.

A giant scavenger hunt for part two.

The Book of Thoth: Part Three
Ra lets them do whatever they want with the wife and child. In the end vengence was the results but Nefer-ka-ptah was still in possession of the book. 

The Tale of King Rhampsinitus
The line of Pharaohs crosses borders. A rich ring that made his subjects construct grand structures and palaces for him. He was strict yet fair. Harsh yet nice. 


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Week 5A Reading

Egyptian Myth and Legend by Donald Mackenzie


Creation - 
Ra created the world by just thinking it into existence. When he created man he took the form of man so he could live with them and among them.

The Secret Name of Ra - 
What Ra wants, Ra gets. His secret name is Khepera at dawn, Ra at high noon, and Tum at eventide.

Ra and Hathor - 
Men rebel. Nu tells Ra about this. Ra says they are scared because of the rebellion and what he could do to them. All of the gods said to destroy those who rebel against the kingdom.

The Sun's Journey - 
The god of the sun dies and is reborn every 12 hours. He also happens to watch over the souls of the dead.

Osiris - 
Ra leaves. Isis rules Egypt until he comes back.

The Death of Osiris - 
Returning from the war, Osiris is hailed as a hero. In a ritual that got hijacked, hey killed Osiris by sealing him in a coffin like object for a long enough period of time.

The Journey of Isis - 
Isis is distraught and scared over the death of Osiris. She takes his body to bring him back to life.

The King of the Dead - 
A short section of how the King of Dead was born. Isis brought Osiris back to life but he had to become the King of the Dead.

The Wax Crocodile - 
The crocodile can be commanded by the Pharaoh. It's wax but still amazing. Just a command of "get him/her" the croc awakens and grabs them.

The Green Jewel - 
The King was out on the water body near his palace. When he was pleased and had enough fun they returned to the palace and gave the scribe gifts.


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Storybook Plan

The central focus in this three or four part arc story would be;
PART ONE: This part of the story would start with Paris seducing Helen of Sparta, follow the Trojans sailing back to Troy, the Greeks learning and planning the invasion of Troy, overall this part of the arc would end with a Greek victory on the beaches of Troy. 
PART TWO: We cover the first major battle that features the full strength and force of each army. The end result is a decisive Trojan victory that sends the Greek army into full retreat. Rather than have Hector kill Patroclus in the ensuing battle on the beaches there would be no third battle until the Myrmidons leave the beaches of Troy.
PART THREE: After the greatest Greek warriors leave the Trojans mount the final offensive that leaves the Greek army defeated in its entirety with no survivors. A complete reversal of what happened in Homer's Iliad of when Troy was sacked and the men, women, and children being slaughtered. 
Potential Part Four: A naval Trojan offensive against a weakened Greece that results in Troy controlling the Aegean.

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
Homer's The Iliad
Troy - 2004 film distributed by Warner Bros.

Homer's Illiad, Kline version
Minoan Crete
Mycenaean Crete

Story Style:
Screenplay for a movie
Style of a book